Frequently Asked Questions

PrintMyGfx Disclaimer.

All print jobs require a 100% advanced payment due upon checkout when placing an order with PrintMyGfx. It is our policy that such advanced payments are strictly non-refundable*.

PrintMyGfx does not guarantee the exact color (including darkness or brightness) and cuts on jobs due to our gang run1 printing process.

By sending specifications, images and/or file to, you the “client” represents that you, the client are the sole author of the work and possess all rights to use such specifications, images and/or files, including but not limited to any exclusive licenses. Client further represents that the specifications, images and/or files do not infringe upon any statutory copyright, common law right, trademark, license or any other proprietary right.

If furnishing such specifications, images and/or files to client agrees to hold PrintMyGfx harmless against any claims whatsoever associated with their use or exploitation.

Shit happens. PrintMyGfx is in the business of delivering high quality, fast turnaround printed material. However, shit happens in real life. When said shit happens, PrintMyGfx will make a reasonable attempt to the complete and ship your job. That means, if there is an electrical failure, or a machine goes down (because that really happens), we will reach out to you as soon as possible to let you know something has gone awry and seek the best possible solution together. We believe that teamwork makes the dream work, we’re here for you!

If delivery is impaired by an act of God, electrical failure, airline delays or cancellations, etc., will make a reasonable attempt to complete and ship the client’s job, however, client agrees not to hold liable if delivery is impaired or delayed by such an act of God, electrical failures, airline delays or cancellations, or any other unforeseeable delay in delivery.